Happy Independence Day Messages 2016

15th August of every year we celebrate the Independence of India in respect of Freedom earned by the India for the British Empire on 15th August 1947. Independence Day in India declared as the National holiday in respect and remembrance of Freedom fighters who sacrifice they life to the India.

In the previous article we have shared you the best Quotes of Independence Day so, now we are sharing the best Messages of Independence Day to wish your family, friends, near and dear ones . Make this Independence Day the best day by sending the messages to near and dears ones.

Independence Day Message

Happy Independence Day Messages 2016

Today we are miles apart
But I wanna reach across the miles
And Say I'm thinking of you
In a very secail way
- Happy Independence Day

I am in Love,
I am passionate about him,
I loving every moment of it and
Why not it's her 70th Birth Dåy.
-Happy Independent Day

This is the Day,
That our Nation Sings
This is the Day
That the Liberty bell starts 2 Ring
This is the Day
We all starts to Remember
What we stand for
For you, for me, for our whole nation
Risking there Life
Each and Every day here is a Salute
To all that Day...
Happy Independence Day

I always immense respect yearling India
Actually, I laud the soil here ,
I do not care salvation will go to heaven ,
When the flag is my shroud , just keep desires .
- Happy Independence Day

“No nation is perfect,
it needs 2 b made perfect”
 . . . Happy Independence Day.

Such rituals and culture met Shan,
Muslims and Hindus in India who met
We are together, such as the
Namely Ram temple in Allah and the mosque.
- Happy Independence Day

Feel Proud to be an Indian Have a Great Independence Day
- Happy Independence Day

Other might have forgotten,
But never can i,
The Flag of my nation
Furls very high,
-Happy Independence Day

Lets Celebrate this Day.
The Day, that Gave us D Freedom of thoughts,
Action, Faith and Speech.
-Happy Independence Day

Please remember to bring the country to honor the sacrifice of those in charge of the nation
We Indians once again assume your idle Independence Day ..

The national flag salute give thee honor, sir, always keep it aloft until the heart can know .. !!

Which climbed up the cross laughed,
Who took the shot on the chest,
We are worshiped them!
On land which were erased,
We salute them all!

Our example of love breaks the sod wall of hatred,
That was an honor, life in the small garden,
Should not forget someone, the fragrance of seven birth.
15th August Independence Day greetings

The shoots were laughed cross, who took a bullet in the chest,
We salute those who have lost land.
We salute them ...
Happy Independence Day

Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada here, with the mosque Temple Church, gives peace of love education, my country ever .. !!

Independence Day Messages 2016

Happy Independence Day to all the countrymen a lot of you ..
Let us all resolve today we are
It corruption free India will make the country prosperous...
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

Our heart is, India is one of our lives is ours,
We would give away its elegance lives on land will be sacrificed so says I'm Indian great ..
Happy Independence Day

There will never be a free evening; the sacrifice of the martyrs, will be discredited;
Who left a drop of hot blood, and the lap of Mother India, will be auctioned off!
Congratulations to all of our Independence Day!

Come let's respect the Country,
Remember the martyrdom of the Freedom frighter,
Once again lead the nation, we lay our hands like Indians,
Come Respect Independence Day!

This day is very very beautiful
All you have to enjoy,
And Your celebrate this day with friends and family,
He gives special gifts,
And I wish them a very special,
Happy Independence Day 2016.

In the busy schedule of our lives,
Generally, we do not get the time to think,
And enjoy our lives,
Along with our country,
And Men do not feel the feeling of a country,
So, people are going to get a chance here,
And 2016, a very happy Independence Day to celebrate all wish.

We know that you are very much busy
With stuff you have to do,
But Folks, live your life and enjoy all that this never to forget
We enjoy a very special day are going to get a chance,
And That is Independence Day 2015.
Be a part of this beautiful day,
And you will be able to get
So, enjoy the many amazing time.

Very little time remaining,
Independence Day 2015 are coming to Tamil Nadu.
So, friends, once again we are going to tell about this beautiful day,
And We know almost all of you are sure
On this day,
So, now we want to get ready,
And Be part of the celebration of Independence Day 2015.

So, Here is the best collection of Independence Day Messages. If you any queries then let me know by commenting them below.
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