Happy Independence Day Poem English 2016

Independence Day in India is the one of the biggest celebration of our nation. In which India earned the Freedom or Independence from the British Empire on 15th August of  1947. This year is the 70th Independence Day of India so, I'm here with the best Independence Day Poem in hindi or english language for your convenience of readability.

If you searching for a Independence day Poetry then you are in right place. Finding the best Independence Day Poem difficult to find on the internet with full of website so, Here are the best collection of Independence Day Poem you can find on Internet. We provide Independence Day Poem for every one like for children, higher class student, college student and also for adult so, any further we do let's get into it.

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day Poem

If you want to save the independence of the country, the blood will be shed
Live-die for the sake of the country, will bow my head before them
Whatever you want, slogan Jai Hind, so you have to go into Subhash ............
If Akbar is to show his worth, dignity will make themselves ..................

Subordination liable.
This freedom.
Sons of the country,
Showed heroism.

Remember well that you have sacrificed me,
Were you sing of freedom and independence to the last moment,
Childhood, puberty, peers gave all you sod,
IK on your every breath you just sacrificed Indian,
But listen Indian Boy and Girls-
Now that freedom has just broken dignity,
And filled squares are humiliated and raped her.

O the morning and evening, you have the freedom to dream,
Rajdularon him auctioned at intersections,
Parliament grief rule is take her disrobe,
And the flame of lust take over your eyes,
Srveshwar Krishna's story is now just false,
Azad respect your freedom is robbed at intersections.

Jagaange to chivalry.
Adorn India.
Protector of our freedom,
Enhance pride.

Democracy must be freed of Stumbleupon
Patriotism will make India's largest religion.......
Will carry on the tradition of chivalry.
Gina will teach Indians to the country..........

Feeding milk to Goon,
Child dying of hunger,
Joshi, Mullah, PIR, Njumi,
Material filling the house,
The divine happiness of freedom, cunning dishonest
That is the slogan of freedom in the law useless.

Today is your anniversary cried all eyes were thinking,
Did your martyrdom was sown in the soil of the Indian,
These people are bent on checking your sacrifice today,
These sleeves are snakes Dansate their keepers,
What more do I write?
Pen in hand is missing,
Azad is robbed at intersections respect your freedom!!

Fought with the Mughals, then will come as Shivaji
Gauri Sulani death, then will drive Prithviraj little arrow
If the release of the British sixes, then will go on to become Laxmi......
Social Tue, ever faithful, ever come to earth as a free....
Independence Day Poem

Irrespective of race religion, traitors will wipe their hands
Abhimanyu sa new generation, will teach the lesson of patriotism in the womb
Except nationalism, individualism will adopt you.........
Every person will wake up in the pride of being Indian.....

Galli's storm,
ABO Wind is in an identity Khusboo,
Will breath until I won the case,
By then India will protect the ..

After the defeat, win
The next game is extreme,
Are always short on Farta
That is our pledge to the flag,
Neither Hindu nor Muslim,
Humanity itself is the greatest deed,
Hey you guys bigger than the country,
No religion ... ..

Will and bang, and Ftenge bomb.
Will not reduce the enthusiasm in us
Difficult, in every situation, we have a clear,
Around the world, not cowards, we shall be called heroic,
Take the hard work they do live, but we never fear,
In any season we Grgayenge Damini bit,
This is our mother earth, we have the red,
This would stab everyone Dhvan nocturnal.
Devo on this earth, a Dshann escape,
Khadga raised we stand, will end terrorism
O martyrs sacrifices you
We will remember,
Like you in this country, we will be called heroic

And they all
Neglected to
I behold the billboards of development claims
The firm in his belief that
Yes 2020
We will be developing
Mighty Heart to console...........

Five star hospital
Inaugurating PM
Gazing at the picture of
Government hospital
Without treatment, the body of the dead baby

Dreams of democracy in a hand
Shrapnel in another land!
Speak-Hip Hip Hooray!
Feeling hungry one side;
On the other hand butcher!
Yes, you too
Settlements right place!
Weather grow in the stomach,
Twice in the stove!
If the life is
All streets
Sleeves are reared in the friend,
See Myanon relationship!
Speaking of velvet,
But the patchwork of tots!
On my ideological Shcro!
Vote only rote Lgo-
Constitutional spells! else
Then what kind of democracy will survive!
And if democracy
Where will your stomach and hearth?

I believe
My India is great from all Dson.
There is no other country,
Over the ages, the same environment,
Unity in diversity, for each province is famous,
Love, non-violence, which gives the message of brotherhood.
I believe
My India is great from all countries.
The sages who flourished,
The land is filled with many rivers virtue,
Here is a cool view of the nature,
If we leave it where now
I believe
My India is great from all countries,
Race, where the mix of religion,
In the wave of patriotism, forget all sorrow,
Is all ready to die for the country,
Hey world communicates, we are very clever,
Do not tease us, we do not Kasar Beware
Save your mother, we will take up arms.
I believe
My India is great from all countries

So, Here is the best collection of the Independence Day Poem in English. If you have the best one that we missed please let me know in the comment below.
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