Happy Independent Day Quotes 2016

Independent Day is annually celebrated on 15th August of every year in India. It is the one of the most noble phase and anniversary of the India's Freedom taken from the British empire in the 15th August 1947. This year we are celebrating the 70th Independent Day of India. On the occasion of Independent Day the Government of India set up programs all over the India. The Prime Minister of India raise the National Flag of India at Red Fort in Delhi. After that National Anthem of India "Jana Gana Mana" was sung to praise the land of India not only this programs done in Delhi's Red Fort but also All over the India like Schools, Government Places and many other place that represent the Independence of India.

The Whole country celebrate the Independent Day with they family, friends and other loved ones so, here we are with best Quotes, SMS, Greetings and Wishes of Independent Day

Top Independent Day Quotes

Freedom in the Mind,
Faith in the Words...
Pride in our Souls
Lets salute the Nation
Happy Independence Day

Liberty is always Dangerous,
But it is the safest thing we have.
Happy Indian Independence Day

Today we come together,
Be the cause for the Unity,
Make it Beautiful Day - Happy Independence Day

Even if I died in the service of the nation,
I would be proud be proud of it,
Every drop of my blood will contribute to the growth of this nation
And to make it strong and dynamic.
Happy Independence Day

Today we come together,
Be the cause for the unity,
Make it Beautiful Day another.
Fight against corruption,
Spurl the flag of Our Nation.
Happy Independence Day!

Long years ago,
We made a tryst with destiny
And now the time comes when we shall redeem our Pledge.
At the Stroke of the Midnight hour,
When the world sleeps,
India will awake to life and Freedom.

Independence Day Quotes 2016

The winds that keep informing,
Keep lights burning Ciragon.
Which is protected by the blood we have,
Keep the national flag ever built in the heart.
-Happy Independence Day

We found out that not a sod.
We found such a relationship is not broken.
If our heart is our life.
India is ours, we are its elegance.
- Independence Day

Slight sun after the rain.
A little happiness after everything.
Similarly you happy.
After a day of freedom.

Theory, religion, something else is freedom.
Everything tree-branch-leaf, the basic thing is freedom ..
Therefore the Vedas, the Gita, the Quran, the world of the written ink.
But the history of freedom is written from stream of blood..
Happy Independence Day

There who are deprived of freedom,
They themselves do not possess it,
And just rule of God can not keep him in a long time.

We sing for our Country,
Visit my country's young people do not disappear.
We only have to wave the flag to tone of the Vande Mataram.
Happy Independence Day

The victory of freedom in the mountain a day are received, with great difficulty because appease the goddess of liberty occurs. She wishes of devotees and test rigid and austere picks.

When freedom is gone,
Then life becomes dull,
It does not have any Enthusiasm.
-Happy Independence Day

Every single particle of ash is moving my heat.
I'm mad, which is also free in prison.

We find freedom only when you repay the full value of their survival rights.
- Happy Independence Day

Some slipped her hand.
Time was left blink blink.
Then the corpse was covered with millions.
Eyelid blink are all changed.
When the relationship turned into ashes.
Then the hearts were shaken.
I lost of asking.
Because my country has changed.

This hatred is evil, Don't born right in the heart.
Do not make it yours and mine, is not it right that it is for all.

No bows ever, and ever bow.
Who live on their own, is really the same life.
- Happy Independence Day 2016

For eyes as light as air to the lungs, the heart, such as love,
So is the human spirit for freedom.

Independence will not lose enthusiasm,
Lying to the country will also need to know when looted,
India is our country,
Again, this will not be jeopardized.

Let's remember to offer it again today,
She was in the heart of the blaze to remember the martyrs,
Which flows freely reached shore,
To the blood stream of those who love the homeland is to memorize.

Come on guys tell you the story of India,
Freedom fighters of great pride,
Our goal is to protect the homeland loved.

That blood yet not borned, that is not blood it's water
Did not work in the country, it is useless youth
Bharat Mata Ki Jai Bolo .... 15 August Independence Day

Our love of homeland example, breaks the wall of hatred,
Gives my happy, life got in the Chaman,
Can not forget any of it ever fragrance.

India identify you, your are the soul of Jummu,
You yearn to be outskirts, Delhi's heart you,
You name and Hindustan.
- Happy Independence Day

This a furious dose and if you take it in his youth,
It Dalenga effect on your mind in the same way as that of the young wine.
It did not matter if it tastes always fascinating.
It is an addiction, and after taking a dose of your will and desire to take.

The evening will not ever sacrifice the martyrs of freedom will not ever discredit a drop of blood left by then India's lap will not be auctioned.
Independence Day Quotes

Come on guys you Sunau the story of India,
Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh, the pride of Freedom fighters,
Different religions have different caste at all,
Just the same slogan that our goal is to protect Mother India.
Long live Mother India

Let's be sure to remember the martyrs at the heart of today's most popular, was sure to remember that blaze, which flows freely Indians to reached the edge of the blood stream, be sure to remember.

So, This is my best collection of Independence Day Quotes. If you have one best collection that deserve in the list please comment them below.
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