Independence Day Funny Messages 2016

It's Independence Day and every one sends the Quotes or message to your near and dear one because this is the only day we care about our country right hmm, not really Just kidding and its really tough to find the best Messages because the Internet it full with millions of website and servers from that to find the best one is really impossible now a days. But guys don't worry i'm here with best funny messages of Independence Day. I have posted the best Images and Best Quotes of Independence Day in the previous article if you missed feel free to check out link below.

Independence Day Best Quotes 

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Searching for the best collection of funny Messages and Images. Then you are in the right place here are the best Independence Day funny Images and Messages.

Independence Day Funny Images

If U R Married,
Or Engaged..
Ignore This Message...
For All Others
- Happy Independence Day

15th August aa raha hy
Gandhi ji k photo jama kar raha hun


Ghar me jitny b
K note hai mujy bhej do, purene b chel jeynge :P

Independence Day Messages 2016

Bunty got caugt on date
On Independence Day
Major Rohail-
What is this
Dad today is Independence day,
So let me do what I want.
- Happy Independence Day

I - Intelligent
N- Nation
D - Developing
I - In
A - All Fields

Proud to be an Indian.
Happy Independence Day
   - Jai Hìnd

Today I want to say you something from my Heart
Yeah that three words that you want to hear
Yeah that three words that melts you Heat
♥♡♥ Happy Independence Day ♥♡♥

Zïñdàgí K Såry Dúkh Ek Tàrãf


Sùñdäy Kø
15 August Høny ki khùshì ëk Tàraf.... 😛

Ek aadmi støre gaye Natiønal flág lene aur
Shopkeeper ny o aadmì ko natìønal flàg dikhaya.

Aadmi ne küch kahà jìsy sùn kar
Shøpkeèpér behøsh hø gàyà

Aadmi ne kàha ki.
"Is mè koì aûr cølørs dikhaø"  😛
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