Independence Day Quotes 2016

Independence Day in India is celebrated on 15th August on every year. On the occasion of the Indian earned the freedom form the British rule. Independence Day is celebrated by different program but to celebrate with one who are far from you is the only way is by sending Messages with the best wishes so, we are here with the best quotes of Independence Day

If you are searching for the best Independence Day Quotes then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to share the best Independence Day Quotes so, let's get in it.

Independence Day Quotes 2016

Independence Day Quotes 2016

Come the country, 
Respect the sacrifice of the martyrs recall, 
Once again lead the nation, 
We lay our hands Indian, 
Come to respect Independence Day!
- Happy Independence Day

Such rituals and culture met Shan,
Muslims and Hindus in India who met
We are together, such as the
Namely Ram temple in Allah and the mosque.

Never ever bow head is not tilted, which live on his own ... 
Leave  the life like a true Indian
- Happy Independence Day

Salute the Nation flag that you
Pride of,
Always keep the head elevated
Until the heart can know .. !!

Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada here,
Temple church or mosque,
Love makes peace education,
My India forever .. !!
- Happy Independence Day

All great things are very simple, 
And many can be expressed in one word we are: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope...
- Happy Independence Day

Lover meet several times over,
But no lover is beautiful then the Country,
Life is filled with money, many in gold merely dead,
But no money is beautiful then the National Flag
- Happy Independence Day

I always immense respect year India
Actually, I laud the soil here,
I do not care salvation will go to heaven,
When the flag is my shroud, just only desires of me.
Happy Independence Day :)

Be the cause of unity,
Fight against corruption,
Flair the flag of our Country
-Happy Independence Day

Patriotism is basically an assumption that no country in the world is the best because you were born there,
Countries themselves and better understand each country's why patriotism comes from-and even war.     - Dale Carnegie

No bows ever
Nor bow ever
Live life on their own, which is actually the same
August 15 is a day that reminds us of freedom and martyrs who reminds your home country, your family and all your life be sacrificed

Please remember to bring the country to respect the sacrifice of martyrs
Once again lead the nation
Hindustani transformed his hands
Let's assume Independence Day

Died for their country's freedom-fade is written in our blood.
We sacrificed a lot of great people have achieved this freedom and the hair on your force is to preserve this freedom.

Independence will not ever evening
The sacrifice of the martyrs will not defame
One, which survived until the drop of blood
India's lap will not be auctioned

Bharat Mata Teri saga
The higher your elegance
Tilt your head forward
Let us honor thee

The national flag salute you
Which is your glory
Always keep the head elevated
Until the heart is felt in

Independence, will be less enthusiasm
Whenever the need arises for a country life would give away
India is our country
It will never come again, never threatened

Let's be sure to remember that view again today
At the heart of the fire, she was sure to remember the martyrs
Freedom flows reached the shore
Be sure to remember that the blood of patriots stream

Let's wake up again himself
Then rotate the rod of discipline
The golden color of the blood of the martyrs
We all head tilt to the martyrs

We can not erase their freedom buckle
Sir chopped but not head tilt
Happy Independence Day

Our whole host of good Indian
We are the bubbles that we Nation.

Not taught to hate each other Religion,
Hindi India we have our homeland.

Friends of freedom I would like everyone to comment on this sacred Vela Please write Jai Hind. Thanks !!!!

No freedom can not be free or freedom not to ever get free.

The interdependence of human-like self-reliance is also very important. Humans are social.

If you want to experience the blessings of liberty, you shall feel the exhaustion of patriots will have their assistance.

The shoots were laughed cross, who took a bullet in the chest
We salute those who have lost land.
We salute them
Happy Independence Day ..

If freedom is the way to get your money, you can not ever seem to get freedom. If a person in this world who is the best security,
If any, knowledge, experience and ability to do the same.

Patriotism is not just about waving the flag but also to help make our country stronger and stronger, too.

O lover meet several times over,
Sanam is not a country but a beautiful,
Notes also fell, many in gold merely dead hey,
The shroud is not a beautiful tricolor

So, Here is my best collection on Independence Day Quotes. If you have any question post them as a comments below.
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